Ladies and gentleman private club Pench’s

History of “ Lady’s and Gentlemen’s British “ Club’s

A gentlemen’s club, or formerly traditional gentlemen’s club, is a members-only private club originally set up by and for British upper class men in the 18th century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Today, some clubs are more accommodating about the gender and social status of their members. Many countries outside the United Kingdom have prominent gentlemen’s clubs, mostly those associated with the British Empire.

Lady’s and Gentleman’s “PENCH’S” club

is the 1st British private club in Europe since from 2000 year.
Lady’s and Gentleman’s clubs were private places that were designed where men and woman can relax and create friendships with other men and woman. They provide everything a regular home would have. Clubs were created and designed for a women and man’s domestic needs. They were places to relieve stress and worries. They provided emotional and practical needs. They provided spaces such as dining halls, library, entertainment and game, rooms for cinema, washrooms, and a study. In many ways they resembled a regular home. Clubs had separate entrances for member’s and the help. They were usually located on the side of the house that was not easily seen to the public eye. The “PENCH’S” club have waiting lists. There is a standard definition haw to be a member:
-with recommendation of another member
– meeting interview with club manager

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