Our View

If you look at The biggest offering drinks
if you like cocktails
if you are looking for a rich offering of whiskey
if you are looking for a rich offering of rum
if you are looking Unique Bar in the World

this is “PENCH’S” Bar
world of exclusive drinks and cocktails

We offering more than 600 different drinks
200 different whisky,100 different rums and over 2014 cocktails.

Most of all, we would like our guests to remember us and to come back. If they come back, they are no longer just guests – they are friends. And friends mean a lot to us.

There are different reasons for these friends of yours to come back.

  • For some the reason is to savour their favourite, often especially created for them cocktails
  • For others – the chance to taste something new every time they come to Pench’s
  • And for some, it’s our professional approach in combination with the hospitable and authentic atmosphere.
  • All of these are among the reasons making them come back over and over again.

    It goes without saying that the art we’re trying to create and demonstrate at Pench’s would hardly be possible without the support of our friends.