Proshek Brothers

Back in 1884, the Prošek brothers built a Czech brewery called "Prošek" in Sofia. The brothers began their brewing activity with a little enterprise in Knyazhevo – the so-called beer workshop at Dimitar Shishkov's mill – created in the period 1881-82 by Bogdan Prošek in the building's ground floor. At the same time, the brothers bought a plot in Sofia and built a cellar in which they stored the beer produced in Knyazhevo. The cellar was called "Deep cellar" as in the same building was built a garden-restaurant, which has served the famous Prošek beer and became a favourite of the old sofianites.

In 1881, on 22 San Stefano Street (near the today’s building of the Bulgarian National Television) began the construction of one of the most modern beer factories in the Balkans.

In 1884, the factory opened its doors. Immediately after its opening, the Prošek brewery receives the highest quality recognition by becoming a purveyor to the Royal Household.